November 2009, Accelerando’s first fall semester. Humble beginnings make room for a whole world of creative vision. David Dabbon, Daniela Pasquini, Christina Chirumbolo.
Accelerando Mural
Perfectly Capturing Owner, Christina Chirumbolo’s vision, Pittsburgh Artist, Matt Spahr brings true genius to Accelerando through a ladder and cans of spray paint imported from colorful Spain.

The Staff

At Accelerando, the staff consists of alumni from the finest conservatories worldwide, and WORKING industry professionals that are trained in building confidence and instilling a sense of pride for your child’s unique skills and talents.

Our Facility

Accelerando Performing Arts Conservatory recognizes the importance of a comfortable- yet professional work environment. Boasting a 6000sq. ft facility, we expose our students and faculty to a state of the art learning experience.